Our process


01 | Strategy

There have been radical advances in digital signage over the last few years and this means there have been radical advances in the ways in which businesses can now engage their target audiences.
At Truto, we develop a content strategy with you that make the most of your kiosk locations, business requirements and target audiences resulting in measureable results you can use and a great return on your investment.

02 | User Experience & Design

One of the best ways to reach your target market is through exposure. Interactive touch solutions ensure that your brand will be seen by the right people, in the right place and for the right period of time.
But exposure isn't enough. It needs to be coupled with an intuitive user experience and excellent content to ensure client retention. Truto have honed these skills through years of successful implementation of both local and international campaigns.

03 | Testing & Deployment

As every business is unique, so is each interactive touch solution tailored specifically to a business' unique needs. This is a process that requires careful research, development and testing by our in-house team; a process that results in a perfect solution for your brand and business.
Once the final product has been approved, for your convenience, Truto can handle the entire deployment process from installation through to maintenance.

04 | Feedback & Results

Interactive touch solutions offer more than just the chance to advertise to your target market. They also offer you a unique insight into your consumer's behaviour.
To achieve this, Truto builds market specific observation tools into each touch solution that discreetly investigate key aspects of the consumer's behaviour; data which is translated into comprehensive marketing reports shedding light on how your target market thinks.

04 | Feedback & Results


Options available

The basic touch screen software engine is designed to take advantage of standard interactive touch functionality in a cost effective manner. This is ideal for short term data capturing campaigns or event exhibition and product launches.

When your touch screen is inactive or idle, attract loops entice passers-by with striking animations or product advertising designed specifically to engage the customer and increase exposure opportunities.

Through the use of 3D product exploration, users are able to interact with high-quality product renderings and animations allowing for a more detailed product understanding and access to information.

Data capture is made easy through on-screen keyboards that appear when necessary and hide any unnecessary keys. This is ideal for registrations and competition entries. Additional functionalities include automated email or SMS notifications.

For effective staff training or market research, questionnaires and surveys can be developed with an intuitive interface. Integrating it into a centralised database allows for custom reporting tools to be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Custom printers can be fitted to the touch screen kiosks proving particularly rewarding when adapted to voucher or ticketing activities as it assures extended brand exposure as well as superior product awareness.

Measure the success of your kiosks with software tracking and reporting tools that allow you to monitor usage times and content popularity. An added feature is automated downtime notification that will alert you when a kiosk is offline.

Ensure that both your software and content is kept up-to-date automatically and effortlessly. The manager ensures that all content remains perfectly in sync while removing the need to manually update kiosks across the countryside.

Enjoy easy access to editing and updating content on your kiosks. Elements such as product catalogues, images and videos are automatically converted to the correct formats to ensure touch screen integrity.

Manage multiple kiosks with differing content, teams of users with custom access levels and monitor it all from one central location. Further benefits such as historical backups and roll-back facilities allow for greater peace of mind.

Dedicated server hosting provides both security and peace of mind with servers set up specifically to manage your content and expected traffic usage. All servers are monitored constantly and maintained daily.

Opting for user licenses will help reduce initial setup costs of your custom kiosk management tools, yet will still allow you the flexibility to grow and expand your team with the success of your products.

When you don't have the time or capacity to monitor your kiosks or maintain your own touch screen content, we can assist you with a management team trained to your specific business requirements and design guidelines.